Saturday, January 5, 2008

{those stinken peas & cordial kisses!}

I had a plan today, a very, very fine plan I might add. A plan that included a quick clean up of the house, throwing in some laundry throughout the day, and hitting a movie if a certain georgiastorm gave me a buzz, but if not, my day would be spent cropping!! Yes, its true!! I haven't scrapbooked a single thing since the first of December due to the insanity that has become my life and hence, that was the plan. Markie and Action were heading out to hit some golf balls, Lex was at Gabs for the day. My plan was grand and I was looking forward to it........until I made the big mistake of logging on to was all she wrote. I will admit that this has happened to me before. Its not the first, so you would think that I would just walk away, but with this new laptop, putting it on the kitchen bar and "playing" around on the message boards are WAY too easy!! So, easy that I find myself dwindling my day away chatting about scrapbooking, figuring out how to do "avatar's" and "blinkies" (which, by the way, I still don't get) posting photographs to the gallery in between dusting and vaccuuming and laundry. That's right, I like to pea, I have turned into a pea-nut. I spent my day pea-ing instead of scrapbooking and to make matters so much worse, I realize that while I have been pea-ing in beween everything else that I am supposed to be doing, I have managed to eat an entire stinken bag of those addictive cherry cordial kisses.I kept buying them over Christmas, why do we have so many and why do I keep eating them, why??? Because I love them and I have actually developed a perfect system for eating them to get the very best cherry cordial kiss experience. It is kind of like the oreo cookie, there has to be a method to the madness. You have to bite the very tip of the kiss off and then you can enjoy the "cordially cherry" goodness inside, but you have to do it in a perfect harmony with the chocolate. Its very difficult to explain, but you must trust me on this. I have to kiss the kiss goodbye and tomorrow I told Mark that I am going to scrapbook, he said to me "what about going to the grocery store?" He got "the look", you know "the look", the yeah, I don't think so look. Yeah, that one!! Well, gotta go pea now!


Georgiastorms said...

LOL I waste a lot of time pea-ing myself!! Did you make yourself sick with all those kisses? Sorry I didn't call earlier, I would have loved to go to a movie with ya! Anxious to see what you scrap tomorrow. Please post. :)

Lorrie said...

Now you see how I've got almost 10,000 post on 2peas. I've been a pea addict for the last 2 years. I spend MANY AN HOUR peaning instead of scrapping!
Dont' forget about our challenge though!!!!!!!!
wink wink!

gottablogmom said...

Sounds like you had a good day even though you didnt do what you planned.
I only Pea to download some of those stinkin digi-destroying scrapbook kits. That is probably good since I have enough of a problem with my computer addiction. If I could buy a tote kind of like the ones you carry your newborn next to your chest in that would hold my laptop open and keep a wireless connection, I would never get off line...LOL said...

Hi Darlene! Thanks for the nice comments about my blog. I keep a "resume" of where I am published on my blog (just check out the navigation bar to the left and click on "resume").

As for being addicted to Peas (and candy)... welcome to my world.