Thursday, January 3, 2008

{Ice, Ice, Baby!!}

Warning: Do not touch or lick your computer screen, the following images are not real. They are pictures.

Ice, ice, baby!! That's right, @ 9 degrees, we put on parkas and saw a magnificent display called "Ice" at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando. It wasn't something that was planned, more something stumbled upon. You could see the sign on the hotel from I-4 and we thought we would check it out and give it a whirl and we were not disappointed. It was a wonderland of everything ice!! Polar bears, a candy land and train that you can walk thru, the nativity scene that was incredible. They use tube lighting on some of the displays to give it that extra "bling" and then in the last room, the penguin room, they have ice slides. The parkas that they give you to wear are long enough to cover your tooshie, then you can slide down,it was a lot of fun for Mark and the kids. I opted to sit it out. By the end I was afraid that I was going home with frost bite from Florida, that would be a hard one to explain. But I literally could not feel my fingers. Its the 5th year for the display and normally there is Santa at the end, but being that it was after Christmas, obviously we were over that anyway. But it is a must-see for anyone going down during the Christmas season (I do not collect any commission for this endorsement, nor am I employed by the Gaylord Palms Resort). I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year's and a blessed '08 is in their future's. I am glad to be back home, although I am "putting on the taco suit tomorrow" (anyone who knows me well gets that joke!)

{some people think its funny when your nose is runny, but its snot}


Kathleen Summers said...

Wow, that makes me really want to go see those amazing ice creations. But alas, FL is pretty far from CA! ;)

I love your "about me" bit on the left side of your blog. I'ts nice to "meet" you!


gottablogmom said...

If I am ever crazy enough to be in Orlando on vacation in December (Q family, yes, this means you!) I will be sure to check this one out. It looks cool. Did they give you those coats to wear or does your family have matching parkas? LOL

Georgiastorms said...

I think I remember seeing signs for that the past few years when driving through Orlando during holidays. Next time I will have to stop to check it out! LOL