Wednesday, January 30, 2008

{pages, pals, & plantains}

Today was a pretty great day. I started off "pea-ing" only to find out that most of my fellow "peas" were freezing their tooshies off, so, I have to sit back and appreciate my 60 something weather!! I am wearing flip floppies and sweatpants, that is the life. No shoveling snow and no power outages due to high winds (that was my former life! wink! wink!) Anyway, on to the highlight's of my not quite so snoozy snoozerville day........I had a friend(non-stalked and non-coherced) come over today that I met up at the scrapbook store and we did a little scrappin' and some yappin', I'm not sure which we did more of. We went to lunch at a place here that I have decided that I like, its called Mango's and they have the best Carribean inspired foods and they have fried plantains that are to die for!! I might just make it one of my spots. I think that I will add that to my list, along with a tea room here called the Mad Hatter's that I love. Very yummy! But I don't get over there too often. I think that I am getting my scrapbooking Mojo back though, I thought that I had lost it and was wondering if I was ever going to get it back! And now, I've got to work tomorrow and I would rather stay home and scrap!

Hey, and just for kicks check out my VA peeps blog, she wrote it based on my last 2 blogs and it is hillarious!! here's the link: its great for a few laughs!

Notice that i updated my slide with my last two layouts.


Georgiastorms said...

I do have to say that there was an extreme amount of garlic in that food cause the family was not too keen on getting close to me!! LOL

Kazan Clark said...

Sounds like you had a good day with company and scrapping. And the food sounds delish as I sit here looking outside at a surprise dumping of snow last night and very cold temps!

Lorrie said...

sounds like a great day. Glad you found someone to scrap with!
Hey, how come you never link MY blog?? lol. love ya girl!