Wednesday, January 23, 2008

{dirty laundry, airing soon!}

So, did my title get ya?? Is your curiosity sparked? Must you know more? So, you are a little busy parker aren't ya?? You want the dirt just like everybody else. So, you cannot judge me when I say this: Big Brother 9 is coming to a television set near you in just a few weeks and I am totally stoked and completely excited!!! That is the dirty laundry that I'm talkin' about! It is my thing, I have watched it since Season One, it has been my little summer guilty pleasure and now we can thank those writer's for striking because now there is a Winter season!! February 12th we kick off and, if you don't like BB9, be fore-warned it will be taking up 3 hours of your prime time viewing on CBS each and every week. I don't feel much guilt because all of you nuts that love that Dancing with the Stars crap, Carriann Vs. Bruno crap, The Biggest Loser crap, and The Bachelor crap have it comin'!! Its my turn and I can hardly wait!!!! The countdown begins....(p.s. i want to note that while I enjoyed this post very much, I am quite disappointed in the response to my previous post and would like to say thanks for nothing you little stinkers!)


Georgiastorms said...

I haven't watched BB since the first season. It was too stressful!! LOL I do like BL (singles). But enjoy BB9 anyway.

Sorry I cheated and sent the link from previous post, but you know what...I hate planning birthday parties for my own much planning. Tee hee. So there! :P

gottablogmom said...

Sorry again, I am just letting you down all over. I am one of the only people in the world who is not a "FAN" of reality tv. I have too much
"REALITY" in my life and just want some plain old scripted tv. You have a blast though. I am personally waiting for "Lost" to come back and I still have GH and OLTL and the occasional AMC in the evenings on Soapnet.