Tuesday, January 22, 2008

{One AMAZING Idea}

Warning: this blog is written with the intent of getting some feedback from my "fans" LOL!!!Alright, here's my idea. The idea is not original, I actually got it from my friend Karen who got it from either the #1 rated reality TV program or somewhere else. But here it is....for Action's 11th birthday, we are going to do an Amazing Race birthday. I want to pair the kids in teams of two and actually have relay type races all around the neighborhood and have "pit stops" with prizes and I am going to get a few nomes (travelocity roaming nomes) for something. What I need from you are some ideas on some different relays and things that I could do because right now at this exact moment other than the nomes, I got NOTHIN'!! Its like there is nothing up there but nomes!! Nomes and pit stops and prizes and birtheday cakes and even then, what kind of birthday cake. Help me, please?


Georgiastorms said...

I did a little search...this lady had an Amazing Race birthday bash too! Hope her ideas help?


Lorrie said...

Yeah... i got nothing.
That's the cost of being blond.
Have fun though!! =)

Angela said...

THe party was a huge success, and the kids are still talking about it! Here is the post with the plans.....


Hope you have a great time!

gottablogmom said...

Sorry, I have nothing but you are the creative one and it seems like your friend has given you a good starting point. Let us know how it goes.