Wednesday, January 16, 2008

{De-Skunked & Disorganized?}

I am showered, shaved, and lookin' good!! I have my scrapbook area so organized I just might move right on in! It could be my own room!! I don't think its ever been so organized, now I want to really, really scrapbook!! Really!!! Not much else to report on the homefront, the kids got their report cards today, not too happy. They aren't terrible, but they aren't to the standard that they were in Virginia. I don't understand it because both of them say that school was harder in Virginia, but school is much more boring here and the teacher's are more disorganized. So, I don't know what the answers are...........(restriction, beatings, basements??what??) Just kidding. We are at a critical impasse for Lex and we can't be letting anything slide. She actually did better when she was cheering or had a heavy drama schedule. She started cheer gymnastics last night which is twice a week. The poor kid is miserable today, she is so out of shape that she can hardly move. She is hoping to get into shape for cheerleading try-outs, tomorrow she goes back to practice, hopefully she'll be able to move without screaming out in pain like she has been today. Action starts soccer soon and Mark and I are getting our rears in gear, we are startig tennis lessons soon. We will be lean and mean tennis playin' machines, soon enough! Watch out Andre' Augassi (I think thats how you spell it, he!he!, is he still playing tennis?)


Lorrie said...

so where are the picks of said totally rad scraproom?????

Tracy said...

A clean scraproom? I'll be right over to help you mess it up! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I'm glad I checked out you blog - looks like we have a lot in common. (I have 3 girls - 2 normal and 1 teen.) I can SO relate to this:
"...........(restriction, beatings, basements??what??)" lol lol lol!