Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I've been hoodwinked by a series of unfortunate events. My much anticipated day of leisurely scrapbooking in sheer bliss in a house that echoed with emptiness, minus the 80's music channel booming from the TV has gone terribly awry. First of all, my chatty cathy little self always gets in the way, I ended up on the phone with a few friends that i haven't talked with in awhile so it was time well spent, but I started to scrap and about halfway thru I ran out of my hermafix only to pull out my new mack daddy, totally tubular ATG Gun that I bought only to discover that the stupid thing doesn't come with ANY adhesive, NONE!! It is a 50 dollar adhesive gun with no adhesive. So, I had to call the store where I got it, Picture to Page, and speak to the owner, Tonya to lodge my complaint. (Anyone who knows me knows that I'm just kiddin' because Tonya is one of my bestest buds so it became a bit of a conversation and I got to hear about all the new yummy stuff that the scrapbook store had just recently gotten in & the popular conversation as of late: thong underwear, sorry, but we DID!!). Then what do my wondering eyes appear, "no!! It wasn't no stinken' reindeer!!", it was my stinken' husband coming home at lunch for the end of the day. I told him to stay at his end of the house and play his little WII games because I may not be scrapbooking, but I had a plan, I was going to re-vamp, reorangize my scrap area which has kind of gotten disorganized over the last few months, but by the time the kids started coming home it kind of fizzled out. Now I still have a mess to finish cleaning up tomorrow!! I'm hoping that a little "Brownie" sneaks in in the middle of the night and clean sweep's it for me!! But I have been quite successful in one area, I have not taken a shower, I am still in my jommies, but for the sake of those around me I did brush my teeth and put on deodarant.................hey, it was cold outside and I didn't want to take my comfy stuff off!


Lorrie said...

sorry your day got hijacked. I hate when that happens too. Most of the time I hijack my own plans though! lol.

gottablogmom said...

'fraid if you are talking about my "Brownie" the only thing he would sneak out and to is pee and poop on everything. Stay tune though I have another "Brownzilla" update coming tomorrow. Back to you though. Sorry your plans got messed up but it sounds like you got to talk to some buds and that may be needed more.