Monday, January 21, 2008

{the payoff}

Every scrapbooker painstakingly works on pages and puts their hearts and souls into the pages and the memories that they create, so not only will they themselves enjoy looking thru them and remembering the memories that they had, but let's be honest, we have in our minds that we are crafting treasures that we are passing on and will one day be appreciated by those that we hold near and dear. I am no exception to that rule, I have always loved it when my children look thru my scrapbooks, but as the years and the multitude of albums have progressed, they are less interested. I know that this happens with kids that get older whose Mom's have been scrapbooking most of their lives. I have had points where I have thought, I love this craft, but if they are just going to sit on shelves, what is the point? Well, my spirits were lifted and my heart filled with joy this weekend as Lex's friend was here and the 2 girls loved looking at the pages that I created long ago of the 2 of them. They looked back and enjoyed recalling memories of a joint 8th birthday that they celebrated together, which I forgot about until I saw the page that they were laughing at because they had matching dresses and got Mary Kate and Ashley Oleson matching video 's. (I have included a picture of a snapshot off of that page, aren't they cute?) So, all of your scrapbookers out there, if you ever think that maybe your wasting your time, they will love it and they will consider it precious memories, one day. I have NO doubt!! Also, I would like to footnote my post by saying this: I feel like maybe I have given my sweet Mark a hard time in my last few posts and I just want to clarify that mostly I am just kidding and giving him a hard time is all in fun and I love that man of mine!! (insert wink!)


gottablogmom said...

Too sweet. That is cool that you are seeing return on your investment. Just wait til the grandkids come and then you will really see it.

Georgiastorms said...

I am so fortunate that my family loves my scrapbooking. They are always showing friends and family when they come to visit.. :) Very cute pictures of the two girls, to see how they have changed through the years but still BFF's.