Friday, January 25, 2008

{Caution: Dangerous Road Conditions Ahead!}

Its True, if you live near us!! Our little Lex has once again entered another rite of passage, she got her learner's permit today. So, if you value your lives, stay where you are and don't come out of your homes!! LOL! I am totally kidding, she will probably be a great driver, her Dad is teaching her!

Well, today I am pulling a "double" shift....I worked all day at the bank (I am really starting to dig that job, I love the girls that I work with!) and I left work and I am right now, as we speak, working a crop up at Scrapbook Heaven. There were originally 17 people signed up, but only 8 people actually showed. A few popped in to say Hi that were signed up, but didn't stay. I am having a great time hanging out with my fellow scrapper's, but I am getting really tired and its only 10:30. This weekend is going to be so laid back, I can't wait. Markie has pootie duty tomorrow and I might take Lex out to spend some of her Abercrombie gift card that is burning a hole in her pocket book. I am really wanting to see Mad Money. Oh, and my Action has decided that he is dead against an Amazing Race party. He was excited about it and then he started back tracking, so, I don't know who's more disappointed. Well, obviously its me!! I was so looking forward to it!! I always love a good party and theme parties are even better!!


Georgiastorms said...

They should put big red lights on top of cars with kids learning to drive...better yet, on top of bad drivers!! LOL Ooops, lookout, I might have to get one for myself?

Too bad about the Amazing Race party. I have to plan a party for Gillian's is in two weeks! I think we are going to do a chocolate theme...fondu, etc. etc.

Elisa K said...

I am really not looking forward to my son turning 16... lol He is 15 now.

An Amazing Race party sounds like loads of fun.

I wanted to let you know you have Pea mail.hehe

Thanks for coming by my blog.


Lorrie said...

I wish I was at the crop with you last night!

did you get to do any cropping or just blogging? lol