Friday, January 18, 2008

{one margarita too many}

alright, first of all, i am going to start off by stating the simple fact that I don't generally drink very often. I, on occassion have a margarita and generally only when we have mexican and tonight we had mexican. Ole! You may ask yourself, so why Darleen did you decide to have not one Medium margarita, but also drink another Large all by yourself? Well, pull up a chair Bessie because this is how the store goes: The fact that i am lucky to have had any breakfas tthis morning is in no way thanks to the fact that I spent half my morning, when i should have been getting ready for my "job", instead dealing with the drama of contacts for one beautiful brown eyed baby boy. He cannot get them in by himself and after a half an hour of pure drama,he wore his glasses to school once again and honestly, my heart was breaking for him. If you would like to know more regarding this story, please reference my blog post entitled: "I told you so". Then when I was finally ready and running late, with coffee in one hand and what was left of Action's leftover poptart in the other hand out the door in my work clothes, i had to take the garbage out to the curb even though it was over-flowing and ON THE GROUND and I am so very late running to work. I decided eating "my" pop tart would have to wait until I got to work because I didn't have time to run back into the house to wash my hands from my what is most likely "maggot" and germ infested garbage can, I decided instead to give my little Markie Poo Head a ring a ding ding just so that I could give him the 411 on the events of my morning (also known as the "I told you so"). I got his voice mail. How lucky was he?? Not only later did he say to me, "yeah, I saw that the garbage wasn't out, but I didn't have time to do it. " I could have crowned him, i was running late too and now I smell like "maggot de funk parfume" instead of Japanese cherry blossoms.Then i missed lunch, and my best friend is having her biggest birthday bash ever without me (rock on Karen, the 80's were great!), and its just been the kind of day when you say, Margaritaville, here I come!!


gottablogmom said...

It wasn't any fun at all. You didnt miss a thing.....Did that make you feel better? Ok, now for reality, we had a great time but you guys were missed!

Georgiastorms said...

I can so relate to the kind of morning you had. :( I would have had more than two Margarita's. LOL If the garbage ain't out the night before, I get onto the hubby...that is his only chore besides kitty box.