Thursday, January 10, 2008

{its a date!}

Today was supposed to be "normal", a day of routine, a day where the kids went back to school, Mark went to work, and I enjoyed a cup of coffee, watched a little news and then became the cleaning, grocery getting, laundry doin' machine that I have become quite famous for (in almost 50 states!).But at my husband's request I gave all that up for a date day! The kicker is, my date day would be 3 hours to Port Canavarel and 3 hours back with a lunch and a little shopping at the world's most famous surf shop, Ron Jon's. Mark had to go out there to pick up samples out of the ocean and river's to check for radiation and I went along for the ride. It was fun, but I will say that I am now the one saying, I don't think we will be going anywhere for awhile. I don't think I want to crawl back in that car for any lenght of time. Tomorrow will be normal, or maybe next week. Anyway, I'm just glad that the kids are back in school and Mark and I had some alone time and to be honest, it was needed. Its been go-go-go and with the kids and our schedules lately, it was great to just have some "chill" time.

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Georgiastorms said...

That sounds like a nice little "Day Trip". I love Port Canaveral...very nice area when I was there anyway? LOL I did what you were going to do...laundry, cleaning, groceries. So glad they are all back in school/work...nice to have some time to myself. Let's get together soon. :)