Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

{its a blustery day, pooh!}

holy cannelloni batman!! for the last 2 days it has been intensely windy and rainy, the wind gusts and rain have been very intense at times!! i am so over it, i can't even tell you! the kids are out of school, mark is out of work (yeah!), but i am working and i have decided to commission the bank to get windshield wipers for the drive-thru window... i can hardly see out of them. On the upside, we haven't lost electricity. Just a few little "brown outs" every now and then and believe it or not, but satellite has been great. That is still shocking to me because in Virginia if it even threatened a little rain, the satellite went out...and the electricity would go out on a perfectly beautiful day! I am loving the underground electricity, what an invention! well, we've got lots of party prepping for tonight. Mark and the kids are going to start making Lumpia today which I haven't made since we lived in Hawaii. Its a recipe that I got from a little phillipino lady at our church. i am kinda excited about it. Please Fay go away, you are not exactly helping with the whole luau theme of poor Lex's party.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

{fay fay go away!}

you are just irritating me TODAY!!

this stupid whatever system is really cramping my entire week!! the kids are out of school today, they called me into work to work a few hours today, i haven't gone to the grocery store for Lex's luau party because if we do loose electricity or have to postpone the party, i don't want a lot of food.....AAARGGHH!! Make up your mind you stupid are just irrititating me today!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

{squillen:party planner extraordinaire}

so today was spent with my creatingpostitnotes.blogspot/2peas/scrappin/notabigfanofhobunk friend who has offered to help me out with Lex's party regarding the food and she is an awesome cake decorator to top it all off!! Her name is Suzanne, but her 2peas screen name is squillen, so we'll just go with that!! She came over to the house today to help with the menu planning and trying to figure out what kind of cake the pretty pretty princess wanted for her big 16! Its going to be fun, but funky ! Okay, so for those of you with no lives of your own that have been hanging on to the seats of your pants (what kind of saying is that? or is that the saying? its late and i'm wondering if i just made that up!).....Lex's luau party is a Lethal Dinner party luau, its a murder mystery dinner party where the kids dress up like certain characters and they will have lines and there is a CD and by the end of the evening, we will have a murderer on our hands (insert evil laugh). how fun is that?? especially if you know my drama queen!

Thanks Suzanne!! P.S. later in the evening, she dropped off one of her 2peas infamous cinnamon rolls and all i have to say is OMG Yummy!! And the muffin top is back!!! AARGGHH!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

{gathering the spoils}

yesterday was a day that started off kinda blah! i was still feeling well, kinda blah!! i had taken nyquil on Saturday night after a day of laying around with my body feeling like a big pile of poo, but my mind racing like mad with all of the things that i had intended to accomplish this weekend. Lex's birthday party is going to be on the 23rd and i have procrastinated on getting things together for it, some of it because i was waiting on the "party box" (i will blog more on that is SSSSOOO exciting) and part of it was i was waiting until the 15th paycheck. But to wake up on the weekend that had a to-do list a mile long and not be able to get my groove on was disappointing for me..... Anyway, back to yesterday, after a sluggish waking up out of my nyquil induced coma (what a wonderful induced come it was i might add, i didn't even hear Markie snore once!), Lex and I headed out to find what we needed......Luau birthday party supplies...

Well, little do we know that apparently Luau is "seasonal" and Halloween is what its all about BABY! ! So, the pickens were slim, so we were faced with a dilemna, and decided to go a little different route. A more "authentic" Luau route, we got some bamboo disposable plates & utensils (how cool is that??) and I found some table top tiki torches, a bamboo table runner, coconut cups, umbrella straws and some lei's for all of the guests! The girl and I had a good time gathering the spoils for her party. I will blog more tomorrow about what her party is going to be, its not your typical luau.....i'm not your typical mom, she's not a typical 16 year old girl. its a luau with a "twist"!! i can hardly wait!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

{like poo}

i don't get sick often, i am usually one who goes full force 24/7 with the occassional headache, but i have the worst head cold, i just feel like poo!!! and honestly, i just don't have the time or the patience for this! i have so much to do this weekend. lex's big 16 is next weekend and i have so much to do this weekend and both kids have cheer and band crap all day today. Mark has been working a lot lately AGAIN and i hate putting that on him,but he worked all night last night and came home this AM and picked up both kids and took them to their perspective "events" at school. Please, oh please, let this medicine start kicking in so that I can re-energize and get moving and get what I need to get done.....don't you just hate feeling like poo!!!???

Thursday, August 14, 2008

{laying low}

as of late, we have just been laying low and not doing much of anything. the kids have been just doing their school thing. Action is getting excited about band and playing the sax next week. my cousin let us borrow her sax, which is in the shop having the cork repaired and he can't wait to get his grubby hands on it. lex in the meantime has gotten picked up for a lead in a play for her advanced drama class. she will be playing in some drama competitions this fall and also performing in the school play. she was very excited, it has some singing parts as well as acting... then of course, there's 24/7 cheer practice....

i have been scrapping and getting ready (in my head) for lex's 16th birthday... mark has been back to working his hiney off. we are just laying low here in snoozerville....and that's a wrap!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

{4176 text messages}

yep, you read right!! my child had 4176 text messages both incoming & outgoing in one month...mind you we haven't provided the pretty pretty princess with "unlimited" text messaging. We have generously provided her with unlimited verizon to verizon, which she has a lot of friends who have that and 1500 whoever texts....sounds rather generous wouldn't you think?? she has always stayed within her texts. We used to have a problem with her staying within her "alloted" shared minutes and we increased our family share plan, but I am NOT increasing her soon to "carpal tunnel of the thumbs texting disease just because i don't want to have a real conversation with someone" texting.....this texting is a huge rip off from the phone companies, they have sold the American youth a bill of goods, and we the parents have allowed it. We are the generation of parents that are good with "keeping up with the Jones'". Why didn't we say no, we are not putting on "the taco suit" so that you can become socially inept to deal with others, we are not going to allow the cell phone companies to financially drain us, the parents, so that you can add to the list of gadgets that you "have to have" on a cell phone. She's gone over, so my bill is WAY over what I would normally pay and if you think about it.....its a racket!! What does it cost the cell phone companies to allow text messaging??? Now the question is this? Will I allow the child to live? Cause right now, I just want to crown her and I don't mean queen for the day!! AAARGGHHH!!! Technology, some of it i wish had just stayed in some geeks stinken la la land......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

{as susan powter would say!!}

"Stop the Insanity!".....i know you remember this lady, she was a weight loss guru, i don't even know what "plan" she was peddeling back in the 80's, i guess i could "google" her, but truthfully..I don't want to. I just remember her infomercials, she had very short stick'em up bleach blonde hair and i think that she even shaved her head once, a little Brittney action was going on there. BUT this post isn't about weight loss, been there done that. This is about that screeching from my TV..."Stop the insanity" and there are times in my life where I feel like screaming that myself and this was one of those crazy weeks. While my Mom was here and I really enjoyed her visit, the kids were in their first week of school and the homework was just ridiculous and we we're getting up at not the crack of dawn, but the BUTT crack of dawn to get things rolling and just getting Action to school in the morning is an hour long process between driving, getting into the school, dropping off the kids and getting home. I am carpooling, but i did that on the days that i am not working and then pick-up is even worse. Some may say, there's the bus....this is middle school, the bus stop is a LLLOONG way from our house, the bus is way over crowded and the stories of fights, sex and videotape have been too much for a Mom of a "baby boy" to stand. Actually, I admit that i made up the videotape part, but maybe, it could happen!!! Lex on the other hand is practicing @ the school until late everyday or starting @ 6AM and then she has been bogged down with a ton of homework and its only the first week!! I miss my summer, not that we had lazy summer days, there was nothing lazy or relaxing about this last summer which kind of makes me sad, it came and went and knowing that we really only have one more summer with Lex before she goes off to college. Now, I'm just depressed.

Monday, August 4, 2008

{muffin top report}

now i know that for the last week i have had a ton of you stalking my blog just waiting for this post! you've been clamouring on a daily basis to find out how the old "muffin top" is doing after my intentions for full battle were declared last week....well, today is YOUR LUCKY day!! The post is here, i did go to my meeting and was quite unimpressed with the charisma of it....loosing weight and the tricks of that trade are so exciting and you should be shouting it from the roof tops, not talk about it like its dull and dry and cannot be challenging and even fun. Did I just say fun, heck yes! For me, figuring out how to "beat" the system and eat and loose weight is almost like a game to me, it is fun! I want to go in there with guns blazing. The meeting though, is much more subdued, but I was quite the chatty cathy, my hand went flying up with every question, sometimes i was "overlooked", accidentally or on purpose....that is the question, but its neither here nor there. Little do they know, I am back and their little weight watcher meetings are going to be turned UPSIDE DOWN! I am figuring out how to beat the hunger pains and stay within my points just the same and they are gonna hear about it...

P.S. I have lost 4 lbs...........bye bye muffin top, unfortunatley, that's probably NOT where i actuallly lost it.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

{back 2 skool blues}

Friday was back 2 school, I still can't believe it! The week was a whirlwind and I thought that Friday was going to be INSANE! But it was smoother than I expected, I think partly because it was the FIRST day of school, both of the kids were up movin' & shakin' and we're ready to go on time!! That is not the norm for my kids, so we'll see how long it lasts! Action's teacher's seem like they are going to be awesome! I am super impressed, which is a far cry from last year so that is a relief and i think that he had a good day, minus the cafeteria food which was his biggest complaint of the day and it that's the biggest complaint then we are off to a rockin' start! Lex on the other hand when I talked to her, she said it was an awful first day of school. So, we will see. Her schedule the first semester is going to be so busy, she has drama competitions and cheer competitions that may collide!! cheer practice everyday......holy cow, i'm getting exhausted just thinking about it!!! at least this week, i go back to my regularly scheduled schedule and my Mom is coming to visit.....