Saturday, August 9, 2008

{as susan powter would say!!}

"Stop the Insanity!".....i know you remember this lady, she was a weight loss guru, i don't even know what "plan" she was peddeling back in the 80's, i guess i could "google" her, but truthfully..I don't want to. I just remember her infomercials, she had very short stick'em up bleach blonde hair and i think that she even shaved her head once, a little Brittney action was going on there. BUT this post isn't about weight loss, been there done that. This is about that screeching from my TV..."Stop the insanity" and there are times in my life where I feel like screaming that myself and this was one of those crazy weeks. While my Mom was here and I really enjoyed her visit, the kids were in their first week of school and the homework was just ridiculous and we we're getting up at not the crack of dawn, but the BUTT crack of dawn to get things rolling and just getting Action to school in the morning is an hour long process between driving, getting into the school, dropping off the kids and getting home. I am carpooling, but i did that on the days that i am not working and then pick-up is even worse. Some may say, there's the bus....this is middle school, the bus stop is a LLLOONG way from our house, the bus is way over crowded and the stories of fights, sex and videotape have been too much for a Mom of a "baby boy" to stand. Actually, I admit that i made up the videotape part, but maybe, it could happen!!! Lex on the other hand is practicing @ the school until late everyday or starting @ 6AM and then she has been bogged down with a ton of homework and its only the first week!! I miss my summer, not that we had lazy summer days, there was nothing lazy or relaxing about this last summer which kind of makes me sad, it came and went and knowing that we really only have one more summer with Lex before she goes off to college. Now, I'm just depressed.


Lily said...

Wow, girl, take some time to breathe in and repeat

The White House said...

That is exhausting just to read! I hope that life moves into cruise control soon! Thanks for stopping by.