Thursday, August 14, 2008

{laying low}

as of late, we have just been laying low and not doing much of anything. the kids have been just doing their school thing. Action is getting excited about band and playing the sax next week. my cousin let us borrow her sax, which is in the shop having the cork repaired and he can't wait to get his grubby hands on it. lex in the meantime has gotten picked up for a lead in a play for her advanced drama class. she will be playing in some drama competitions this fall and also performing in the school play. she was very excited, it has some singing parts as well as acting... then of course, there's 24/7 cheer practice....

i have been scrapping and getting ready (in my head) for lex's 16th birthday... mark has been back to working his hiney off. we are just laying low here in snoozerville....and that's a wrap!

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Kazan Clark said...

is that ANOTHER new fab header I spot or is it just that I have not been around 4eva - too too busy with so much stuff - Seriously I need a vacation from myself :)
Good for you keeping it low
Hugs :)