Tuesday, April 22, 2008

{where's that mack truck?}

I have been MIA because I have been sick as a dog for the last few days and now I am back at work and just feel like I have been hit by a mack truck, where did that stinken mack truck go?? I must have bad karma or something because ever since I have been working this full time schedule every weekend, I have had migraines every weekend and this past weekend I woke up Saturday morning feeling like major poo poo....On a happy note, my croppin' til I be droppin' night out on Friday was a great time. It was different than what I was used to, i am used to a lot of chitty chatter and a little obnoxiousness around 10ish, and this crowd was much more subdued, but I still had a good time and I enjoyed my cropping time. But I am determined that next weekend, I will be in top top shape....I am thinking a marathon maybe.......

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gottablogmom said...

so are you saying that you enjoyed the less chatty, less obnoxious crowd or that you missed your chatty, obnoxious peeps? (Hands on hips, snorting indignantly!) I resemble that chatty, obnoxious remark! LOL
Glad that you had a good time but sorry that you've been hit by that truck, did you get the license number?