Wednesday, April 16, 2008

{tomorrow, just thinkin' about}

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, just thinkin' about tomorrow......." That is the song Lex sang from Annie for her Advanced Drama try-outs and it is the song of the day.....IN MY HEAD!!! And its making me nuts! You know how you get a song stuck in there and you can't just pry it out? Its not so bad if its at least something cool, something hip, but this??? Its just annoying and I singing it to my poor little co-worker. The saddest part is that I can't sing a note on a good day and this song, well....enough said. My big idea for scrappin' yesterday was a bust, but I got everything else accomplished. By the time the kids came rollin' in the door from school, I could tell "my" day was over and there was much discussion on their day and what the big happenings at school were and it never rained a stinking drop, so Mark got to take Action to soccer practice only to find out there are not one, but two games on Saturday and one of them on Amelia Island. Lex did her try-outs and when I asked her how it went, she said that she was so nervous that she couldn't remember, but Friday is "D" day and we will find out how it all went down.........anyway, have a good day, its hump day and if today is stinky, just think about tomorrow, there's always tomorrow......

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