Friday, April 25, 2008


well, today is my last day working in beautiful historic fernandina beach. i love it down here, it is beautiful. i know that i have complained about working full time and driving 45 minutes to work everyday and yes, that is stinky poo, but i love it once i am here. the restaraunts and the shops and the marina is within a hop, skip, and a jump right out the front door of the bank and its just a great place to work. Mark and i considered trying to buy a house near here instead of where we bought and sometimes i really question if we did the right thing because i LOVE it out here. Not only do I love the area, but the teller that I have been working with is a sweetie pie and we have become pretty good friends, she doesn't mind that I can be silly, loud, and on occasion obnoxious. But since the only day that i brought my camera to take pics of my little slice of paradise, the memory card wasn't actually IN the camera, i didn't get a chance. I found a website with pictures, the majority of pictures that don't include the beach are right here where I have been working everyday. Everyone down here is super friendly, laid back, "beachy". if you are a "blog lurker" and ever get to visit here, its great and you HAVE to eat at Cafe Kariboo and have some ice cream at the ice cream and fudge shop here. Truthfully, if you love really great food and like to eat (we all know that Darleen likes to eat, one of my biggest downfalls in life!), this is the place for you, there is even a great little french restaraunt (so I've heard) that is called LeClos, it is in a little old house, but done beautifully in the inside. BUT you have to bring your credit card or be really loaded because it is quite a chunk of cha ching! So, if you want a peek into where I have been hanging the last few weeks, its just a click away....
P.S. if you want to hit me up for a visit, I promise to take you here because the pics just don't do it justice..............hint!hint!

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