Tuesday, April 29, 2008

{little of this, little of that}

not so snoozy here as of late, the painting came out great. we (or should I say Mark) still has a little to do....the dreaded kitchen (cutting in is the part that he hates the most, but is very good at!). I had my bittersweet moment on Friday, but as fate, luck, or whatever you want to call it would have it, I have been back here again for the last few days. They are not going to get rid of me that easily, I guess. Today is supposed to be my last day. I told them yesterday that I didn't want a big "to do". A nice cake (chocolate, of course), a few balloons, and a stripper. I didn't require much, but a little entertainment portion of the party might be nice after a long day. Yeah, you know I'm just kidding....I'll for- go the balloons. Actually, my co-teller and I are hitting the local mexican rest. for a taco or two and a margarita (only one because that is all that I can handle and drive home).

Lex has her last day of cheer practice, she has try-outs tomorrow. She is very nervous and has been working so hard, I can't even explain to you the pressure that she has been under. She really wants to be picked up for the Varsity Competition squad, but is afraid she can't cut that because of the stupid stupid back handspring (still not lookin' so pretty). She doesn't think that they'll put her on the competition squad without it. And truth be told, she doesn't care that much about the footballl games. She just loves the competitions. So, please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow as she goes for the competition squad. She was excited yesterday when she came home because the coaches gave her a "shout out".....I guess that's good. I will have to get back into the cheer lingo. Its been a few years.

That's it for today, nothing exciting, just a little of this and a little of that.

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flava k said...

Wait a minute, I'm confused. Does this mean you quit your job????? If so, when did you decide to do that and why? Are you keeping secrets from us. That should have been in a blog or something. Do tell.