Sunday, April 27, 2008

{did it to myself}

quick's! gripe! gripe! i'm tired all the time from working, driving, and the last 3 weekends feeling like poo! So, what do I do this weekend, I make it a work weekend....what the hey?? I did it to myself. What was I thinking??? Poor Markie....he is painting, while I supervise. I am not allowed to paint, he says that i make it drippy. I love to paint, but I do see where sometimes its drippy. I don't know why, i really try hard to avoid the drippies. anyway, so I am trying to keep the house clean and go around him with stuff, but we picked out this great color (although it has a little more yellow than we originally thought) when we built the house. BUT it is all flat and its super super flat and we have Action, AKA known as handsy pansy to the wall Action. Has nasty little hands and I occassionally find foot prints on the walls (what is up with that??). We have bull nose corners thruought the whole house which he "swings" around (I am hoping that we don't have a future "Chip N Dale" on our hands and I am not referring to the cute one's from Disney either) and cleaning it is a booger and a lot does not come off (even with that magic eraser, it takes the paint off!). So, we are re-painting in just a shade minus the yellow thru the house that we haven't painted with accent walls or re-done whole rooms. Plus, while at Lowe's we picked up plants, what were we thinking? Because what could have been a lazy relaxing weekend has become a work weekend....but next weekend is definitely all FUN...will post more on that later and it WILL include pics...(super excited about that!)


Lorrie said...

WORK WORK WORK! Sit your butt down and relax a minute or two will ya??
You're going to need that cruise come fall!!!! =)

Kazan said...

Ok I am going to take a nap after reading that post :) The pearls I use on my stuff are from Target (dollar isle - hurry before they run out!)