Thursday, April 10, 2008

{busy as a bee}

I have been just as busy as a bee!! buzz buzz!! I want to tell my croppin' cruise crew, I am working on what to do there exactly and I am not ignoring you, I did e-mail Lorrie. I guess that I didn't hit respond to all. I literally have not had a second and even checking e-mail hasn't been do-able these days. I am actually blogging @ work (ssshhhh!!), but I can't check e-mail here! Its blocked, probably something scandelous there on!!! I am still working in Florida, I love and I mean love the little town that I am working in, I am thinking about bringing my camera to work tomorrow and taking a few pics during lunch. I haven't gotten the opportunity to leave the office this week at all even during lunch because there has to be at least two warm bodies in the office (wah, lah, one has to be me!) So, I am eating my teeny, tiny Nutri System while every one around me enjoy's their burgers and fries (arrgghh!!). On a good note, as of yesterday, I can no longer finish my little meals!! As Mark would say, I am full as a tick!! I didn't even have my "snack" last night. I have also lost a few pounds....whoo hoo!! Its almost the weekend and we have BIG plans....................possibly BIG BROTHER plans.............there are try-outs for Big Brother 10 just down the road and Mark would make a great candidate...........he's decided he wouldn't put up with any of that BB house crap. Its something that we are thinking about doing. Just a thought......

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gottablogmom said...

Sounds like you have been a'buzzin' there girl!
LK and I have been running the roads with the ankle biters the last two days, not exactly SNOOZERVILLE there!
Fun though.