Thursday, April 17, 2008

{drama! drama! drama!}

Advanced drama that is.....................Lex got picked up for Advanced Drama next year...whoo hoo!! she is super stoked, as the rest of her fam!! I got the call yesterday at work that she wanted me to bring her home a milkshake from Chick Fil A and I told her ,"no way" and she said that I told her that we would celebrate with a milkshake if she got picked up for Advanced Drama, so now I had to get her a she and her Daddy went out after dinner to celebrate!! Action is on his own personal mission, he wants the WII Rock Band and he wants to earn money for it, so as soon as I pull in the driveway last night, he and some of his peeps from the 'hood start cleaning my van (they did find Mark's PDA which he has been looking for!) for some extra cash out of nowhere. I had no idea what hit me, he comes inside and wants me to tell him how much I'm going to give him now that he's cleaned it (he says that his 'hood peeps will take pizza in exchange for helping him clean....i think based on the fact that i was cooking pizza for dinner) . In his mind, its worth about $30, I begin to tell that I can go to the car wash and get a vaccuum, wax, wash, etc. for $20 bucks, this does not sit well with the boy. What to do??

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