Tuesday, April 8, 2008

{on a mission}

I have been on a mission for the longest time to loose some weight, since my big move here, I have gained weight and the more I try to loose, the more I gain. I tried the whole WW and point thing again. I am a huge, huge "sing it to the roof top" supporter of Weight Watcher's, just ask anyone that I knew prior to my 89 lb. weight loss, BUT I just can't seem to get into the swing of it. I don't want to loose a ton of weight, I would be as happy as a little clam bucket with loosing 10 smackers, so I have started Nutri System and have been on it for 4 days as of today and I am at the STARVING stage still......the food is great, super yummy, but super tiny!! You have to add in more food (protein, fruit, veggies, diary) and that is even limited. AAAHH!! C'mon 10 lbs, hasta la vista.....I have one month worth of food and that's it, no auto delivery for this chick. Money doesn't grow on trees and this stuff is expensive and I am still STARVING!! I am thinking and hoping and praying that this too shall pass.......


Lorrie said...

Well woo hooo!! You're BACK! been missing ya blog lately!
So, you enjoying those gree teas huh?
Glad your panties are fitting and good luck on the NS thing! you can do it. We all gotta get in shape before October, right????????

Kazan said...

Ok so don't you EVHA disappear on us for so long again Missy!!! I am also a huge WW fan but am also finding it hard to get back into it - urgh - OK and from the pics I have seen -80lb WHERE????? Good luck with the starvation thing - it will pass as you kiss those 10 lbs mmmuhh!!! goodbye :)

scrapperjen said...

Hey lady! You can do it! I have come to the realization lately that I have got to get my diet/exercise back on track. Wanna be my "buddy"? ;)
We're here for ya!