Friday, April 18, 2008

{croppin' til I be droppin'}

I am super stoked! I am going to a crop tonight! I have not been to a crop that I was not working at since Virginia! It is at a scrapbook store in Florida, its a good hour away from home which really bites when I am going to be traveling home at midnight and I am pooped, but a scrapper's gotta do what a scrapper's gotta do!! This store kind of reminds me of my all time favorite store "Picture to Page", but of course without my "T"..... anyway, the store itself has a lot of the same characteristics and the name is even close. I got my scrap crap together last night and Action was such a helpful little goose this morning and he helped me load it in the car this AM. He has been such a great guy lately with helping with so much stuff without having to be asked, I am having a hard time telling if he's doing it out of the goodness of his heart,or if all of the training of being a gentlemen and a big helper has FINALLY sinked in and paid off, or if he's waiting for the big "PAYOFF" so that he can get the WII Rock Bank this summer. He is a hard one to figure out that boy of mine....


Lorrie said...

I hope you had fun at the crop!
Baby Duck and I did NSD with Creative Mem this weekend. No one else could make it. =(
Miss you!!!!
Glad to see you blogging again!!

gottablogmom said...

Did you drop? I hope you had fun and made it home safely.