Wednesday, April 23, 2008

{let the beatings begin!}

okay, that sounds harsh I know, but its just a little something I say when my kids are driving me nuts and yes, I have gotten "looks" for it, but I dare them to call me in to child protective services, if they did I would just look @ it as a vacation from my kids and maybe after a week in foster care, they will appreciate ME as THEIR mother!! So, did you all enjoy that entire paragraph of sarcasm, or WAS IT?? AAAHHH, they both have been driving me crazy, they are non stop fighting over the bathroom, fighting over the TV, fighting over who breaths the same air in which room and its making me crazy. When I attempt to referee the insanity, they turn on ME, suddenly they say that I think its all THEIR fault, and I never blame the other for ANYTHING. I thought that I might spend my lunchbreak today researching boarding schools. The joys of motherhood, I am hoping that these smackdowns between the sibs will soon pass because I really am at my wits end as to what to do. Have a great humpity hump day, its Wednesday and we are half way thru the week!!


Kazan said...

I think it is a Wednesday thing because I am going through the exact same thing. It does drive one crazy I know - and just as we pick up the phone to call the Boarding School we look into their rooms and see them angelic, so sweet...Tomorrow they will love each other and we will forget (just for now) that this Wednesday ever happened :)

Lorrie said...

it's posts like this one that make me glad I only have one child. hehe..