Wednesday, March 26, 2008


What a day! Its actually been a really great day! A totally scrap-a-licious day!! I abandoned my children for a day of "me!!" whoo-hoo!! I know that sounds bad, doesn't it? Actually, it wasn't that bad, but today, even though it is spring break, it wasn't about them.... I went with a new friend of mine down to Jax to check out a scrapbook store there and it was ssoooo much fun. First of all, the owner there was super friendly and there is a lot of activities that go on at the store and area crops. So, it really inspired me to get my rear in gear and get some more scrappin' done and maybe check out some of the big crops, they have a few all day crops up at the Fair Grounds which include all of the area scrapbook stores. That could be fun!! yeah?

Update on my little Peep Flava K: She had her surgery yesterday and had a few complications with her blood pressure dropping too low. It remained low thru-out today and considered going back in because they thought that she might be bleeding internally. But I guess that after later today, her blood pressure had risen a little bit and they decided not to go back in. She is doing better, but she still really needs continued prayers....I would appreciate them and I know that she would as well.


Lorrie said...

wow girl, that crop at the fairgrounds sounds like FUN!! woo hoo!! sounds like you are on your way to getting back in the scrappin' groove. Gettin' the MOJO back! yeah!!!!!!

gottablogmom said...

Sorry about your Peachy Pal becoming a long distance bud. It seems like you have had to say a lot of goodbyes lately. I know that stinks!
I agree with Lorrie, the crop at the fairground sounds like fun. Do they have contests too, like pie baking and best looking pig? I bet you would win a blue ribbon for best layout.
Have a good week!