Monday, March 10, 2008

{that's just crazy talk!}

(snickers anyone? Only $5!!!)

17 years, that's just crazy talk, but that is how long Mark and I have been married as of today. Its just crazy! Sometimes I think that the time has flown by and then there are times that I think its been a long 17 years. Has it really only been 17 years, it feels like I have known this man my entire life....did I have a life before him. Then sometimes it seems like yesterday I was cruising around in my little silver Nissan sports car (now I can't remember what it was!) doing my thing with not a care in the world other than living with my parents and working a dead end job and looking for L-O-V-E and there he was, a handsome hubba hubba sailor in his polyester white uniform (okay, I am all for a man in uniform, but the polyester not so much!) and that was all she wrote......Anyway, back to our Anniversary, its been super great to have him home this time, there have been a lot of anniversaries where he has been out to sea or working too much to really acknowledge with anything more than a card, but this year even though it wasn't a "big" anniversary, we did something really fun and really unexpected and I mean really spur of the moment, but sometimes those are just the best!!......we went to Orlando (yeah, I know big shocker there!!!) just the 2 of us and stayed in a phenominal hotel that i would love to go to again and again and again!! (there was a mini bar in the room...I thought that was so much fun, we didn't have anything because I knew it was some major cha-ching, but I got a picture!). We stayed @ the Walt Disney Dolphin and its located on the lake that is connected to EPCOT and MGM. We did EPCOT for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday (that is where the freaky picture came from, Innoventions). We had dinner at a truly unique & mod restaraunt call Todd English's bluezoo. Then headed over to what was actually the highlight of the entire weekend, Jellyroll's Dueling Piano bar which is located on Disney's Boardwalk which was walking distance from our hotel. It was the best time and so hillarious, we didn't want to leave! A lot of the time I kept thinking about all of the people that I would love to bring there because I know how much fun they would have! Maybe one day.. who knows! But we are back in the real world today on our actual anniversary partaking of breakfast for dinner and sometimes that is just the best dinner ever.......


flava k said...

Happy Anniversary! Your anniversary sounds fabulous. (I had to look that word up. ha.) I want to go! Please!

gottablogmom said...

What a nice anniversary. Must be nice to live so close to Orlando that you can just go for a weekend.
Congrats on the longevity with the hubby. That is a rarity nowadays.

scrapperjen said...

Happy belated anniversary!!!!
Looks like a nice one!