Thursday, March 6, 2008

{But I knocked on wood!}

I knocked on wood!! Karen was on the phone with me and I did, she can be my witness, we were talking about our kids not getting sick in a long time and I said that I couldn't remember the last time that my kids were sick. And today, Action is running a fever with a headache, sore throat etc...I guess that I should have made sure that it was real wood, maybe it was fiberboard. Yeah, I'm sure that was it! Great, so now my kids sick! Lesson in this: always check the quality of the wood that you knock!

I have spent my day cleaning, doing laundry and the most dreaded task of all.......taxes. The thing is, its always been super easy because we haven't owned a house before and so it was wham, bam, here's your refund ma'am! but this year, I have lots to claim and I am going to claim it to the fullest extent!! So, making sure that we get all of our credits is the key and i want to make sure that we do. We were going to take it somewhere for them to do it, but I am smarter than I look and I'm cheap, and i can figure it out. So far, the only thing that I know (well at least I think I know) is that we bought a energy efficient washer/dryer and I thought that we got an energy credit, but I am not finding that on the form. That's the big yippee skippy in my snoozerville. I have no update on Ari, as soon as I do I will post it. But your continued prayers are much appreciated.


Lorrie said...

Sorry Action is a sickie. I hope he gets over it as fast as my DNK did!
Have fun with those taxes. Whoo hoo.. And yeah, you are a smart one!

Lil K said...

I'm sorry I even brought up the whole sick thing. LOL. I hope Action's better soon.

flava k said...

Yeah for taxes. Now you can claim your donations, monetary and non-monetary.

gottablogmom said...

Sorry to hear about Action being sick. Nice way to spend the weekend.
My DH did ours last night too. Just more money that I'll never get to spend...Oh well, at least its being saved for our kids to spend when we die....LOL