Sunday, March 23, 2008

{you might be a redneck}

I was initially going to title this particular post "Stupid Truck", but I decided to be a nice and supportive wife, much to my dismay, I might add. This truck, this "redneck" truck is one thing in our lives that I have not blogged about because I am not a "fan" of it and I have been attempting at living in a complete state of denial. It not only screams redneck, but it screams 10 miles to a gallon. But Mark bought this truck a few weekends ago and now it sits in not our driveway (thank goodness), but in the vacant (soon to be a house there someday) lot next to ours. I finally decided to blog about it because our neighbor's 3 year old son has been wanting a ride in that truck since he heard it coming down the road (probably long before it ever got off the highway) and we have been telling him later for the last few weeks...........But yesterday, Andrew FINALLY got his ride in that truck. And I got a few pics, so you know that I have to blog it NOW!!! so here it is of the stupid truck!!
I realize that I have MIA for the last few days, I have literally not been online since my "circles" post. Why? Because I am still going in circles. I am doing a little bit better in getting it together. Yesterday was our neighbor's going away dinner, we had a Stuffed Baked potato party, we had a lot and I mean a lot of fun. My friend and fam fly out on Wednesday, they took off today for one last whirl in the Land of Mouse before heading out to the land of sushi, so we will get to see them for a few hours on Tuesday night. So, I am probably not going to fall apart until then. At least that's the plan.
Have a great Easter everyone. We have a brunch this morning at a neighbor's house and a passion play at a local church this afternoon. I am very excited about the passion play, but Mark has got me so nervous about it because he has talked about how "authentic' it is and I could never bring myself to watch "the Passion of the Christ", which we have on video because I didn't think that I could handle the "authenticity" of what happened to Christ. Plus, we are bringing our kids. So, hopefully it won't be too intense. Don' t eat too much chocolate or forget where you hid your eggs.


Lorrie said...

hope you had a nice Easter girl, And oh, how bad is it that I LOVE THE REDNECK TRUCK? Really! I love pick-em-ups.
And I love red.
what's not to love???

flava k said...

Gosh, what can you say, but "men and their trucks". My dh is talking about buying another truck and yes I mean another, because he already has one! But he says he'll sell the one he has. But why!

gottablogmom said...

Alrighty moved to Joeja and now you got you a pickem up truck. I think its official!
Just kiddin' girl! Its not so bad, we have a mini pickem truck too so I can't say much.

Kazan said...

I love your RN Truck. I think it is so cool and kinda cute. You can drive it down to see me in Colorado anytime. We can go "cruizin" for scrapbook supplies at all the LSS :) :)