Saturday, March 15, 2008

{Kickin' It On Amelia!}

We spent the day out on Amelia Island so that Action could participate in his first soccer game of the year. It was an absolutely beautiful day, if you didn't mind the wind whippin' around and truthfully, we didn't!!! It was in the lower 80's which was a welcome temp from last weekend when it was quite a bit nippier and yesterday's drearier weather. Okay, here's a little story for the "hhhhmmmm, what would you do book?" Action's soccer club let's the kids pick out their own team name. He was sick at the practice that they picked their team name, but when he came home from this last practice and I asked him what their team name was he said he wasn't sure, but he thought it was "ass" and I said, "what?" He wasn't smiling and he didnt' think it was funny, he said "yeah, something like that, but I didn't really understand what they were saying". I told him, I don't think that's what it is and left it at that. I found out today that they are the "asps", I don't think that I can still bring myself to sit in the stands and scream "go Asps!". Am I wrong here or is it a little close to what Action actually thought his name was?? Are we going to get a "look" from other teams as we are cheering on our guys??Why would you , as the Coach, not encourage maybe a different name. Mark says that an Asp is snake, maybe go with a snake that is more known and aggressive like, we could be the Viper's. Now, that sounds scary! What kid suggested this?? And why would you go along with it?? AARRGGHH!! I am trying not to laugh and cry at the same time, its going to be a long season folks!! Action spent the entire game on the field because he was all over it, he did a great job. He couldn't believe that the coach never pulled him out, he was pretty proud of himself and the Coach complimented him on his playing at the end of the game. Pretty proud soccer player by the end of game. (and Mom & Dad too!!)

I also included a picture of a lily that I bought and planted in a large pot on my back patio. It had no flowers on it when I planted it and I kill absolutely everything. I understand that its early in the season yet, so I still have plenty of Kevorkian time, but it bloomed beautifully. So, I just had to share!!!

I am also super excited to hear from my little peep-a-rooni Lorrie who should be coming back from her missions trip to Honduras shortly, please pray for her safe return. I cannot wait to hear everything!!!!!!


flava k said...

Yeah, I had to look that word up and like Mark said it means "poisonous snake". But who carries a dictionary around? You might have to stick with "go team". ha

scrapperjen said...

LOL! You crack me up! Great photos!
Have a great rest of the weekend.

Maggie said...

Hi Darleen:
It's the same, my dd is going to WPH next year. Keep your finger crossed :)
How funny u use to leave here. I'm off N Lakemont. by Azalea Park..