Saturday, March 1, 2008

{the accidental tourist}

I have a problem and I don't honestly know what to do about it. I have always had the need and its just getting worse. I say need, maybe its just intense desire to go and see and do. I was talking with a friend a few days ago about my desire to see so many things and she looked at me like I had a chicken on my head. She was born and raised right here, she hasn't really been anywhere and doesn't have a real big desire to go anywhere else. I have no understanding of that. Lately, I am climbing the walls of my home to go, go, go.....Go where??? I want to see New York City, I want to take Mark to the coast of California and let him see and experience the wonderful adventure that I did a few years ago. I have been thinking lately how much I want to take the kids back to Yellowstone and Jackson Hole, they would love it!! We haven't been there since we lived in Idaho when Lex was barely a year old. I've also thought how fun it would be to jump on an airplane and go to Vegas for a few days, not to gamble. Okay, a few quarters in a slot machine, but mostly I want to see a few shows and I've heard that there are some awesome hotels to check out. I want to make it back to Colorado, the Durango area to be exact. It is so gorgeous. I should be so grateful for what I have seen because it has been a lot more than a lot of people. We lived in Hawaii, I grew up in Orlando (the land of mouse and fabulous entertainment!! So much fun all the time!), we went to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole. We've seen Washington DC, Amish country, Gettysburg, beautiful beach vacations. The kids and I toured the whole Coast from Beverly Hills to San Fran and that was a trip of a lifetime. Its so funny because I was telling Mark that I want to see and experience so many places, but I am not totally grandeur, its not like I want to see the "world". I am good to start out with our own country. And once I am done there, I would start with Ireland.... I have all of these crazy travel desires that I think about a lot, but no dinero to pay for them. Mark said if I started to work full time, then we could take bigger trips, then what would the cost be. Who would pay that price, my family? my kids? my sanity? Also, I see the full time people struggling to get that week when they want it, coordinate with school and spouse. I think that I was just born the accidental tourist.


Janine Wahl said...

Ooh, I have done waaay more travelling around than my husband too, the only "far away from home" place he been is Huston for work training.
I have pestering my husband to get his passport (mind you, I just got mine) so we could go to Vegas and other places in the US. I too am excited to show him these places. Travelling is fun and especially when you can she it family.

Lorrie said...

wanna go to Honduras with me next week? I could use your help building a latrine.. lol.