Thursday, February 28, 2008

{in a handbasket}

have you ever heard the saying "its gone to h-e-double toothpicks in a handbasket"? Well, if not, welcome to my world!! Its a saying that I probably picked up from my Mom. Truthfully, I have no idea what it means. I just know that its what I say when my day starts out great and then it just turns ugly and its downhill from there!! But that has been my day, our day!! It actually started off really great!! I met a fellow pea that i met online!! She lives right here in ho-bunk and we had a great lunch at Panera. That was really exciting and I look forward to more get togethers. Anyway, onto the "handbasket" part of my day. I got a call from the school on my cell phone from the Principal of Action's school. He is in the office for disrespecting his teacher and this particular teacher that he disrespected, we have had issues with all year long. I am totally going to back the teacher up with my son, but in the meantime I want a conference with her. I want to find out what the heck is going on, I know for a fact that she doesn't like him. I hate being put in this position, the position of this is MY child and I want the best for him ? And you cannot demand that in public education, "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit" (quote from lea riley). I guess that they do make exceptions if you throw a MONSTER fit. Do I want to be the monster fit throwing kind of parent??? Oh, did I mention that Mark is out of town for the whole handbasket festivities??? Because, there is more!!! When I got home, dealt with Action, I noticed amongst lex's things a letter addressed to mark and I from the school, opened..... Not good, right? Well, actually the letter stated that they wanted to put her in all AP classes and please come meet with them on Feburary 5th (are you looking at your calendar?). She is now telling me as there is smoke coming out of my ears, that she doesn't want to do AP courses, she wants to have a life and she is going to go to New York and become an actress so she doesn't need college. Was I right? double toothpicks and all??? FYI, much more drama ensues and now there is Will Smith rap bellowing out of her room. I hope Mark enjoys his night "off". LOL!!


flava K said...

This might make you feel better. The lady at the dentist office, which I've known for years. Hugged and congratulated me and asked how I was feeling. She thought I was PREGNANT! Not!! Are you starting to feel better now.

BTW, I have an opinion on the AP classes, if you want to hear it.

KarenSue said...

oh my,
(after your post, I pounded my head on my desk for ya..reflexes I guess)

How about dd takes one AP class,
at least it will be a 'college prep' (so many kids go to college completely unprepared and set for failure)...she is planning to go to a college in NY, right? Tell her it would be great 'networking' for her future she meets other students and people in the industry.

Also, there is so much time, commitment and discipline involved in acting,
'having a life' is not the right mindset. DD's involvement, on the college level, meant lots of study, memorizing and practice, time spent in rehearsals, dealing with stressed out directors, working on sets, helping with makeup, missing events with her friends.

Oh, and you cannot be sensitive, be ready to be talked about (in front of your face) about any the recent episode of America's Next Top Model, when Paulina went down the line and critiqued the girls.

anyways, hope she is prepared
(sorry this got long)

hope today is a better day for ya!!

FlipFlop Mom said...

Kids are great.. aren't they??? I'm having a blissful year with my sons middle school teachers... NOT!!! UGH!! I feel for you!! My son has a 4% in one class.. and daughter with a 4.0 in highschool... I tell you!! such a broad spectrum from raising them the same way!!! grrr...

Staci said...

Hugs, hang in there.