Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Its super tuesday, and i am still not feeling so super. Not only is it super Tuesday, but its my son's "actual" birthday. We have spent the last day or so trying to get our "ducks in a row" regarding the robbery. And we haven't gotten very far. I had to work yesterday and today and the rest of this week, except Thursday. Mark and I spent most of the day on the phone. We did find out that our smashed windows can't just be replaced, apparently they had a little trouble getting the crowbars in and bent the door frame on the passenger side, so add that to something else that has to be fixed. We did get the alarms re-done yesterday, but that was another big buck fiasco!! Mark is going to re-do the locks on the house today and its going to cost $200 to re-key the van (they have the keys to both of our vehicles, so they could just come and steal them whenever they get the whim!) They know about the van, but when they see the Dodge key on my keychain, they may get excited and think that they are getting a Dodge truck or something great, won't they be disappointed in Mark's little Neon. Anyway, I am really trying not to feel so angry, but its very hard. The fact that I know that people saw what was happening and no one did or reported it, or stayed around for the police makes my stomach do flips. And then to find out that what they did with my credit cards was go to a gas station and offer people to fill their tanks for $20 or so and people did it, you know that these people knew in their hearts that these cards were stolen and did it anyway. What is happening to people? How do they sleep at night? I am not a big believer in "karma" per se', but I believe you get what you give and right now my anger is winning and I believe that these people have a little karma coming their way, I'm just sorry that I won't be there to see it. If that makes me a hateful person, and I know in my heart that it really does, I am working on that. Give me time...........I would like to say that one of my best "peeps" is having surgery today and I am really praying for her today, keep her in your thoughts and prayers, Lorrie is having a outpatient surgery, but they don't know for sure if they can get the massive polyp in her cervix. Have a good day everyone. Shout out to my Action....he'll be 11 years old in 2 hours!!!!


Georgiastorms said...

Oh boy Darleen, have you had a time! I am so sorry! I can not believe they did that with your credit cards and people went for it? I hope the cc companies took that off your cards. I feel just terrible that they did that to your van. It is the times we are living in...and you know what? GOD knows what they did and they will get their just reward. You need to say a little prayer for yourself, to get you through this terrible ordeal without letting them damage you on the inside. You are such a loving kind person and you and your husband surely did not deserve this. You are so right though, Karma is moving in their direction! Happy birthday Action!!! Woohooo!!!! :) If you need some help with the car situation (ride or anything) let me know? *HuGs* I am praying for you guys.

Lorrie said...

Hey girl. Thanks for the prayers. I'm home and well and heading to Honduras! they were able to remove all the mass and I'm home and in NO pain!
Thanks again girl. Hope you get everything taken care of soon, and I don't blame you for being angry... you've been violated!!

gottablogmom said...

I am so sorry tho hear the break in has cost you even more money. What a mess. You have every right to be mad. Not only did they steal from you but they have cost you even more money in preventing them from stealing even more. That is terrible. This is an eye opener for me though since I occasionally leave my purse in the van thinking there's nothing in it since I have my wallet. But just taking care of the vehicle if it is damaged just to get my empty purse. HUGS Girl!