Saturday, February 16, 2008


Well, my laptop-less days are over!!! Mark got the hard drive in and our "puter" is up and running! Woo-Hoo!! It took what seemed like forever because Mark forgot the password for the wireless router (he has all these passwords and none of them are the same and none of them are written down) and so he ended up on the phone with tech support for about an hour after trying everything under the sun to do it himself. But its neither here nor there and now I know the password so we are good, at least until I forget it!!! Our weekend has been quite relaxing, we actually, I still can't believe we did it again, but we had dinner with our neighbor's at Maggiano's. Her husband was in just for the weekend (he's a Navy guy) and they had never been and really wanted to go. I should have worn my stretchy/ waist band spandex pants because they always have so much food. But I paced myself and did very well. I nibbled until desert and then it was all out war!!! We came home with 6 or 7 bags of leftovers, so, our peachy pals from down the street are coming over for leftovers for dinner tomorrow night (after the Daytona 500 OF COURSE) and I'm going to throw together a killer salad and maybe a few margaritas and we are good to go for round 2!!


scrapperjen said...

Well I think I missed the invite for leftovers - LOL! That sounds like a lot of fun - ENJOY!!!! Have a margarita for me too.

Kazan said...

Oh my gosh every time I read your blog I get seriously hungry and thirsty ;)
Have a lovely weekend



Kazan said...

You make me smile - thanks for the comments on my blog - will let you know when I submit ;)


jill said...

First time visit :)

Enjoyed browsing your blog. It's such a happy place LOL

Tiare said...

Sounds like a good time!

gottablogmom said...

Glad to hear you got your laptop back. I hope they covered it under warranty.

QueenTracy said...

LOL. I just recently came back into the world of mobile computer. My last laptop died last summer. I was surprised how much I missed it (we have a desktop) so I feel your joy!! :-)