Sunday, February 24, 2008

{i'm a java junkie dude}

a morning without coffee........for anyone that doesn't know me, should know that I need my coffee. So, as soon as my tootsie's hit the floor this morning and I realized that we were fresh out of the free flowing beautiful java of the earth, I woke up Mark with the "crisis" of the day. Hey, who knows maybe this was #3?? Mark being a java junkie too, said, alright, Cracker Barrel, here we come!! I was actually thinking a quick trip to the grocery store, but hey, whatever works. After that, a trip to "the Wal Marts" for the "beans" and we're good for tomorrow. Well, we made it thru Wally World (by the way, just in case you were wondering, just in case the subject ever comes up, I HATE Wal mart, I'm just Sayin') WITHOUT getting the coffee.....

The later of the day, I hit the fine French store more commonly known as Target' south of the border in Florida with my daughter, we had a great time spending time together, but I just have one question, do I look like a dude?? So, why does my daughter keep calling me dude??? Its her new thing, she keeps calling me that, I am her (insert throat clearing) 30something year old mother. The good news is,,,,, this "dude" remembered to get coffee and Dunkin Donuts brand too at the fine french store that is south of the border!!


flava k said...

I guess dude is better than Dawg. You know Randy Jackson on American Idol calls everyone Dawg. I tend to say, Man. One of by boyfriends from years ago hated it. Oh well to him. You know, TG swears by Dunkin Donut coffee. Personally I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my list on things to do.

Lorrie said...

I so totally understand the java problem. that is an absolute morning emergency. A full fledged 911!!!!
At least you got some good kind. DD has some GOOD beans!!!!
Have a good day peep!