Monday, February 18, 2008

{No Alibi}

L-A-Z-Y and I ain't got no alibi.......Today was so lazy, the kids were out of school, Mark had the day off, the bank was closed. Lex spent the day with Gabs and Mark and Action played video games and a little golf when the weather cleared up, clearing the way for me to be lazy and guilt free. I cleaned the house yesterday and did laundry. So, after I drank my coffee this morning, I decided I would shower, skip the make-up (its not like anyone is coming over that's over 4 feet tall, Action's friends ring the door bell a million times a day!!) and scrapbook!! I got one LO done and I am in the middle of another. Wether it will get done today, I'm not sure, its getting late and I do need to feed the fam. Mark is already starting to dig in the pantry and when he does that, he starts to bring out the "snacks". So, I should run, but the pages I added are in the slide. I hope that everyone had a great President's Day and were able to enjoy it being just as lazy!!!


flava k said...

Yes, I can vouch, this was a lazy day for me too. Saturday was lazy, Sunday was lazy. I just had a lazy weekend. Do I feel guilty for it? Well yes I do.

Linda said...

That sounds like my day yesterday. Sometimes you just need to take a day to be lazy.

gottablogmom said...

Sounds like a wonderful day to me. I wish that could have been my day but alas...NOT! I had a big ole stinkin dose of WORK!