Friday, February 22, 2008


there isn't really much to post, my life has slipped back into the land of snoozerville, which after all the stress of the last few weeks, that's okay. Snoozerville is so much better than "I could really use a few prozacs-ville". We still haven't had the "3rd", you know the 3rd "bad thing". So, what is the time frame for "bad things happen in 3's"? I'm just wondering because I would like to mark the experation date on my calendar. I can then no longer wait for the sky to fall!! LOL!!

The big highlights of our week included the lunar eclipse, Action was quite intrigued by it (I might add that I thought it was quite cool too!) In fact the little booger butt, scared me to death at 5AM yesterday morning. I woke up because I think that I felt someone standing over me, I don't think that he actually touched me. He asked, then begged, if he could go outside to see the moon one more time before the sun came up. He didn't understand that it was a normal moon again and I was too groggy to try to explain it to him. What a nut! Mark got a bike with his birthday money, he plans on biking back and forth to work (7 miles or so). I got my military ID and all of my credit cards etc. replaced finally! Do I hear a Hi-5 on all of that!!!??? I am starting to feel normal again!! I have to admit the other night that Mark and I visited the Coach store and I oogled all of the new Spring stuff. But I am not getting one, the salesperson said that they just sent a ton of purses to the outlet. So, I don't know...... I really am still super mad about my purse. Its still a sore spot with me, partly because there is a good chance it got thrown in a dumpser, the little morons! Okay, back to my happy place!!! We have a good weekend planned if the crazy and insane weather can get it straight, yesterday was freezing cold, a rainfront came in last night and its hot, hot, hot today!!! What tomorrow holds is anyone's guess!! Seriously thinking the beach on Sunday, not kidding!! Keep ya posted! Have a good weekend!!


:: gingerkitty :: said...

life as we know it. Glad the calm has come.

Theresa said...

Snozerville is a nice place to live, hope you get to stay for a long time.