Wednesday, February 27, 2008

{imelda marcos lives here!}

i would be imelda marcos if imelda marcos was the flip flop queen!! a few weeks ago, Mark and I went to Lowe's and bought closet shoe storage for Mark to install. Its the same stuff that was installed when the house was built so it matches. But I had so many stinken shoes that in the mornings when I was going to work, I was spending a ton of time hunting thru a pile of shoes because I didn't have enough shoe storage and I was starting to absolutely loose it!!!!! So, he finally got it put up in the closet and believe it or not, its still not enough!! Who would have thunk it!! And what takes up the most room? Those wonderful flip flops, I am lovin' the flippie flops!! I even threw shoes out, donated to Good Will. And the scary thing is, its not even spring yet! New flippy flops are surely going to want to adorn my newly polished and suntanted tootsies? Where to store them? What did Imelda do? What were her shoe storage secrets? I am off to get more hangers today and do some more cleaning and storeage "solutions" in the closet. Its funny because when we built this house, I saw the speck house and though that the master closet was such a "mack daddy" closet and then we moved our stuff in and I think, "wow, i need MORE closet space!!". Its just crazy!!!


flava k said...

I love flip flops. Actually I call them "flops" and it drive my boys crazy. Where I'm different, I tend to wear the same pair all the time. How boring.

Kazan said...

I love flipflops too - my friend Laura got me the most beautiful ones with crystals on. bling on flipflops - you can't go wrong...I am sure the reruns will come - right around this summer I bet :)

Lorrie said...

I'm starting to wonder if it will EVER be flip flop season again around these here parts.
My tootsies have been covered in fuzzy socks and slippers for what seems like FOREVER!!!!!
I wear the same pair forever too Flava... my Croc flops. they may not be the prettiest, but MAN, are they comfy!!