Friday, February 15, 2008

{love was in the air}

I have been so "out of the loop" with my blogging as of late. With our laptop out of commission getting to the kids little corner of their world is not so easy. I found it so easy to jump on the laptop from the kitchen counter, download a few pics, and blog and be done with it. Wow!! I sound so lazy, yeah?? I am actually blogging from work today (sshhh!!). Our Valentine's Day was actually quite fun. Mark took half a day off and he and I went to lunch and saw a movie because he had to go back to work and work until midnight. We all had a quick change of Valentine's before he went in, we never do anything too big for Valentine's, Mark and Action usually get Old Navy boxer's and Lex usually gets some cute jommie bottoms and some candy. This year I requested a Starbucks travel mug that was mine and no one else mooched off of, now that I am working and grabbing coffee to hit the road with I can never find a coffee mug and so I thought if I had one that was just mine then I would always know where to find it!! Right,?? We'll see!! Have I mentioned that I love Valentine's Day, why do I love Valentine's Day??? I love the colors in all of the decorations, I love the hearts, I love the cupcake pattern paper plates and gift baggies. Its all just so yummy and delicious. Its also a holiday where you do fun little things for people, so Lex and I made the cutest cupcakes and put them on plates and put conversation hearts and delivered them to neighbors, our realtor (who I love!), and the girls that I work with at the bank. This is my thing, i just love it!!! Its right up there with scrapbooking!!! I will post pictures when I get home. The new hard drive for the computer came and Mark is going to install it today, so hopefully we should be up and running tonight. So, stay tuned for the cutest cupcakes ever!!


Georgiastorms said...

Too bad about the laptop hardrive! I hope everything works now. Glad you had a nice Valentine's with your hubby. :)

Kazan said...

Your Valentines Day sounded so sweet. Can't wait to see the cupcakes! So it was yesterday's show (the 14th) but not to worry I am sure my "legacy" will live on in reruns :)
Have a fun Friday.
:) Kazan

scrapperjen said...

CUPCAKES??!!!! Yum! Sounds like a very nice day! Glad you enjoyed!