Thursday, December 20, 2007

{Tired Tootsies}

tonight my blogging is at a minimum. I have just gotten into bed, its 11:30PM and I have spent a total of about 5 minutes at home today. We headed out to the mall to try, or should I say attempt, to finish up some Christmas shopping tonight and we didn't get home until about an hour ago and I had to make grocery lists for Mark to go get after he gets off of work tomorrow so that we can bake some cookies tomorrow night and begin our weekend of activities that won't allow any shopping time. I have a 7AM breakfast with the bank in the morning and I am going to have to go running to finish up Mark's Christmas during lunch. It has never been like this at Christmas, it seems like it has snuck up so fast and we just haven't gotten to relax very much this year, its been a lot of "have to's". Anyway, my tootsies are killing me after wearing my work shoes all day (but I will say they were super cute one's!! black and white with a little black patent strap across the top and a big silver buckle, in case you were wondering!!) and at the mall and I can barely keep my eyes open. Also, to my fellow blogger buds, I am sorry that I haven't had a chance to commiserate with you on YOUR blogs (even my new Georgia blogger), I will catch up, I promise. Miss you and talk to you soon.


Lorrie said...

The whole Christmas coming tooooo fast thing isn't just you. I feel the same way and I'm still a SAHM.
It's just crazy this year, and now with DNK being sick.... ugh.
Looks like i'll be hanging out around the homestead for the next couple days..

Georgiastorms said...

My biggest dilemma...what to get everyone? I am lost for ideas so that is why I am still shopping 4 days before Christmas. I plan on doing the same this weekend...baking and enjoying the family. No shopping! Enjoy your time when you finally get some. :) *Hugs*