Wednesday, December 26, 2007

{the LOOT, the LITTER, the LIFE}

Christmas is over!! While we enjoyed our day of looting the Christmas tree, gorging ourselves on banana bread, chocolate, turkey, and mashed potatoes, playing with all of our goodies, and cooking our little hearts out yesterday, today is a day of recovery and a day of relaxation. POD: (plan of the day) nothing!! well, maybe hit the Lowe's for ornament storage containers and then straight home. As far as the Christmas loot: the kids made out like bandits, Lex mostly got clothes, Action got DS games and their joint big present was a WII guitar Hero III game which I am presently regretting, I might add. I, on the other hand, am going to MAC to buy some much needed make-up. I have recently decided that I wanted to start wearing that particular brand of make-up because I think that they have what I need for my little "dark circle" issue. Mark got golfing crap and clothes. I have included some pictures of some of my favorite things that I love about Christmas and one of my least favorite.... clean-up, the litter, the wrapping, the boxes, the plastic, the little plastic thingies that I always wonder if we need or not need, the directions written in 3 different languages that I find here and there and everywhere. Best part, our garbage doesn't come until Friday (that is my brand of sarcasm), our can is full to the rim and we have all of this Christmas litter and none of it fits. What to do?? At least we aren't in the "tax me state" anymore, they will at least take whatever is curbside here in ho-bunk. My biggest stress of the day, which coffee to brew, the flavored (my personal fav) or should I make my darling husband happy and brew the boring Folgers crap even though he is still snoozing and probably will be until noon time, hmmmm... its gonna be a great day, this is THE LIFE! I hope that all of you are planning a day of absolutely positively "nothing". Enjoy!!


Georgiastorms said...

I hear ya with the garbage can is bad, I had to keep it in the garage so the neighbors dog etc. doesn't get into it. LOL Friday cannot get here fast enough!

Love the did such a good job with everything. I am envious...just didn't have enough umphf left in me! :)

gottablogmom said...

We're right there with you on the litter. We have a garage full of boxes and trash. Luckily this version of the boondocks has a town dump if you chose not to wait for garbage pickup and believe me I CHOSE! My man will be hauling this junk off as soon as we make sure everything is working. Glad you guys had a great Christmas!!!