Wednesday, December 5, 2007

{i <3 chocolate}

I am lovin' the chocolate!! Not the real ooey gooey, fattening, chocolate you sillies!! Well, you know that I love that too!!! BUT, I am referring to the new Dell Chocolate Laptop that we got, its actually listed in the Dell description as the color as Espresso, but I am a rebel and I think that it looks more like chocolate and it just sounds yummier!! We got the Dell as a very generous early Christmas present from my in-laws. I spent the day doing my online shopping (since my shopping time just got chopped in half), while catching up on all of my "stories", and I will admit to eating a few Hershey cherry filled with a little bit of to die for goodness kisses in leiu of lunch, and hanging in my jommies pretty much all day while i was lovin' the new point free/guilt free chocolate in my life. Now, the only guilt that I have is that I have been very unproductive in every other aspect of my day and I have to get off of my butt and do something physically productive. Oh, by the way, how hip am I? Did you see how I did my heart in the title of my post? All the cool kids are doing it!


Lorrie said...

you are soooo silly. Point free chocolate.
Yeah, but you aren't EARNING any activity points sitting on your bum all day either!! lol.

gottablogmom said...

You are too cool for school. Or is that not a hip saying anymore? Is hip not the word to use. I am so not one of the cool kids anymore. I was wondering what in the word i <3 chocolate was. I thought maybe you had one less than three of them and the i was a typo for 1. See how not cool, hip, or jiggy I am with it......Enjoy your new notebook. Two guilty pleasures combined into one.