Wednesday, December 19, 2007

{Digi DE-structors!}

Alright, this post comes with a WARNING label for anyone out there who might be offended, those at risk: Digi scrapbookers, you know who you are....unfortunately, one of you is one of my nearest and dearest. BUT, it has to be said, it just has to be said. I have been living in scrapbooking denial for quite some time now and I have decided to come out and take the subject at hand and fight the good fight for all of my fellow scrapbookers. I will be a warrior and am prepared to get out there and blog about it, and rant on the message boards about it (I am prepared to be kicked off and have some things said to me). As I have mentioned in a previous post, where I am working when it gets slow we can get on the internet. I am not an online "cruiser" so to speak, but today it was dead and I thought that I would check out some online scrapbooking galleries and get some inspiration and look at the craft that I so dearly miss and haven't been able to get my grubby little hands on since my whirlwind trip to Virginia. And I started perusing the pages and what did my wondering eyes did appear??I saw tons and tons of scrapbook pages and almost all of them on most of these websites that are just downloaded pages by scrapbookers like you and me are all digi pages. To be honest, I have nothing against it, knock yourself out. I, personally, think it misses the whole point, but that is just my personal opinion. BUT what is getting me is that talking with scrapbook store owners, they are going under and fast. They think its the Michael's, the Hobby Lobby's, the internet sales, they are dillusional!! It is the digi scrapper's. They will be the one's that take the paper selections, the stickers, the rub-on's, the chip-board's, everything that is glittery, stickely, and sacred to us scrapbookers that hold the art of cutting and pasting and getting together to "crop til we drop" out of OUR hands because there won't be enough of us "tried and true" to support our habit. Scrapbooking will become a digi craft, not a hands on craft. What is our future ladies? Paper packs and crappy selections, Enjoy!! And send a thank you note to your favoritge digi scrapper, no offense Tracey (you know I love you!!)


Georgiastorms said...

I think you are right! Cindi said she went to check out that scrapbook store in Brunswick and they closing it down as well. Boo hoo!! I don't want to be a digi scrapper. I don't find it that interesting to look at, like looking at a magazine layout.

Oh yeah, miss ya! Heard any latest news on the scrapbook store? Are you going to try to do one day a week after holidays or is it still up in the air?

gottablogmom said...

ouch......that smarts. I have no defense for it except that I do both but I can digi scrap without having to pull all the supplies out and deal with my kids messing with it and if I don't like what I make, can delete with without feeling like I spent three hours on a crappy page that I don't like and have wasted all those supplies. I do paper crop when I get the chance to be with my girls.

Lorrie said...

I only use digi scrapping to make my banners for my blogs and my photography website. Otherwise I am a tried and true, paper and glue kinda gal!
I know what you mean girlfriend, not get off that soapbox of yours and get to scrapping. Use those supplies, Get some more and keep those stores in business!! lol!!