Thursday, December 27, 2007

{Its a 2-Fer!!}

The gift of the card is quite a wonderful gift if you like that sort of thing and I am the kind of girl that no doubt like's that sort of thing. When you give the gift of the card, it becomes a 2-fer, not only do you get the gift that comes attached with the card, but you get a day out at the mall with your best gal pal, which I love!!! And today was that day!! A day where I got up early, got my cute clothes (non-working), my cowboy boots, my new purse, then hit the Starbucks on the way down to Jax's big, beautiful and shiny mall for a day for dwindling away our gift cards. My card at MAC went bye-bye within about a half an hour or so, but with a lot of help and instruction from the staff.....I LOVE that place!!!! (I put lipstick on around 10AM and it is still on, feels good, and I think I am still lookin' pretty SEXY!, so take that Justin Timberlake!) Our time in Victoria's Secret was a bit more challenging, my friend was looking for some really comfy (not flannel, we live in Florgia!) jommies and the selection was a little slim. But in the end it was all good. She burned thru that gift card so fast, I think I saw flames! And as they say, all good things must come to an end, I am now home and back to the grind of dinner and laundry and a little blogging............... welcome to my world!! wink! wink!


gottablogmom said...

How fun for you. It sounds like a nice day. Haven't heard of MAC, Am I just out of touch or is this something new? No gift cards here, just cold hard cash but finding time to spend it, that will be the challenge.

Georgiastorms said...

My friend Janelle is a MAC makeup artist. Says she loves the stuff! Started off as a Clinique rep. I use to be a makeup rep for Sebastion (professional hair and makeup products), used on Television etc. Anywho, I have been in dire need of some new makeup and wanting to switch lines as well.

Did you go to St.John's Town Center? I was there yesterday with the family until 6:30. Glad you had fun! LOL

Lorrie said...

sounds like a GREAT day!!!! I wish we were close by so I could've shopped with ya girl!