Sunday, December 16, 2007

{Girlz R Kewl}

Its been another great day!! I had promised Lex a little get together with the "girls" because we had the Halloween party with the "usual suspects" and the cookie decorating party yesterday and she wanted something girlie and fun for Christmas. I threw together some fun stuff that I picked up from the bakery at my new favorite spot, Publix!! Nothing fancy, mini cupcakes and little mini canoli's, cocoa chex mix (Action's personal favorite), and something that my MIL has got all of us hooked on and I am going to possibly blame the extra pounds that I have incurred the last few months on this particular item...........................crab dip, the best stinken crab dip that you have ever eaten, my MIL got us hooked on while vacationing in Hilton Head. She got it at the local Publix and we have found it here and it is addictive. We buy it in the "reduced fat" version, but if you sit there and eat the entire containter, I don't think that it really matters. It goes great with the baked pita chips, those are super yummy too. Hence, I digress, about the girly girls. ............they came over 2ish, played Dance Dance Revolution on the PS2, we did a little White Elephant (which nobody stole, see they're nice girls, aren't they??), they snacked, and they even decorated a few of the leftover Christmas tree cookies from Action's party yesterday and it almost broke out into a icing fight until I informed them that the green food coloring would stain their Abercrombie duds. That put an end real quick. There was a lot of "myspace" picture taking. Mark calls is the "constipated, I just farted, or am trying to fart" face. Anyway, its the "kewl" thing for the myspace pics these days. I am sure that 10 years or less, they will look back and say, "what were we thinking????", and then they watched a movie. Anyway, that is the deal of the day, take it or leave. BUT it was a blast, now the grind begins tomorrow. I am feeling a bit more confident because on Friday night, Markie and I did get a little more Christmas shopping done and in the process, I was able to pick up a few more work clothes. This past week I was peice milling it the week thru and was feeling yucky all week. But I have a lot on my plate this week, but I am feeling much rejuvinated so its all good!!!


gottablogmom said...

Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Those are some cute ladies there. Glad to see your kiddos have made friends fast. Have a great week at work (I know thats any oxymoron but try.)!

Georgiastorms said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Yummie Crab dip. I should take note that this is what I need to do next year in order to get my family to help put up the tree. :)