Tuesday, December 4, 2007

{Peeps & Planes}

My whirlwind trip to Virginia is over, its sad, but true. I had a blast, and it was non-stop fun with my peeps! I have included some pictures of all of us at the store during the Christmas sale and a few others. One of them is of "T" and I with our Santa hats, one is a silly picture that got taken while we were trying to get ready for our "serious" shot. We are all more ourselves in that one. Most of you know that I call my cropping buds, my peeps. Its something that "T" got me saying way back when. While cropping with not enough sleep, probably way way too little sleep, all of the peeps decided that they wanted to have a group name. So, we became the Gangsta Scrappers, what were we thinkin'? I am known as Scrappy D and I have a shirt to prove it. But I still affectionately refer to this group of ladies as my peeps. So, when I write about them, please do not think about those mushy little marshmallow duckies that you get, but probably don't actually eat at Easter. They are much more than that! Any-who, my last day was spent cropping with most of them @ the store (I felt slighted this trip due to the lack of not seeing Jen & Tracey very much, any guilt setting in? ) which was a lot of fun, but I had a bit of nervousness thruout the day due to the weather, it was extremely windy, which I quizzed poor Jules (her hubby is a pilot) about the conditions which I might be thrown into flying out. She suggested a shot before boarding the plane, good suggestion Jules, I actually had a little margarita before climbing aboard the puddle jumper that was not much bigger than my Mini-Van!! This plane was smaller than the one that I flew to Virginia on which I wasn't sure was possible! It was rough for a bit, but as you can see I survived and the passenger next to me didn't need a rain coat. I arrived at midnight and got home around 1:30AM, but I am home and while the house is in perfect condition thanks to my phenomenal hubby, my vision of catching up on my TIVO'd "stories" and eating bon bons (which is what I normally do!) has gone awry because the pantry is bare and I have to go into the bank today because they would like to offer me a job!! Wish me luck!!! P.S. Thank to Karen JO, "T", and Collin for everything, you guys totally rock!!


Lorrie said...

glad you made it home safetly. I knew you would. I miss you already.
Oh, and I coined the phrase "Peeps", but who's keeping track!! lol.
It was sooo much fun having you here this past weekend. it just flew by so darn fast!

gottablogmom said...

Glad to hear you got home safe and sound. I wish I could have cropped again on Monday but the joys of motherhood....Anyway, it was great seeing you!