Tuesday, December 18, 2007

{my chili dog}

I just want to take a few moments and brag about my hunka hunka chili dog of a man!! My little Markie Poo is so sweet, today I had to bring chili to work for a kind of "chili cook off" which was for fun, but things were busy last night and he is the "chili master". He stayed up and made the chili and then he put chili in the crock pot , then he waited for the chili to simmer, then he waited for the chili to cool enough to put in the fridge for me to take to work the next day. And the chili was awesome which was no surprise to me. There were several customers who taste tested the chili's (there were 3 of them to choose from) and my little Markie Poo Chili dog won a few of the votes! I will say that I had to admit that I was tempted to take credit for the chili myself, but I had to finally admit that I didn't actually cook it up myself. I love my chili dog!!


Lorrie said...

I want some of markie poo's chili. I love chili!!
Congrats on the chili votes there dude!!

gottablogmom said...

That's a sweet guy you got ther girl!
My guys hasn't cooked anything in years unless you count toast.

Georgiastorms said...

What a sweet husband!