Sunday, December 30, 2007

{it had to be done}

It had to be done, it just had to. I know most people sit in their warm and cozy homes continuing to enjoy their holiday decor, eating their turkey leftovers, sipping their hot cider with their presents adorning the base of their Christmas tree. Not this chick! By the day after Christmas, I was ready to say hasta la vista baby!! Don't get me wrong I am no grinch! I love my home all decorated at Christmas, I spent a lot of time decorating, especially this year. It was really pretty and very Christmas-y in every room. But by this weekend I felt like I wanted everything back to "normal". I was tired of picking ornaments up and putting them back on the tree that the "the boys" AKA the dogs had knocked off the tree about a zillion times and vaccuuming and straightening the tree skirts on the trees and vaccuuming the pine needles. So, I wrangled the troops (Lex was not so apt to be a helpful little goose, I know some of you find this shocking!) and we spent the day packing it all away and as of this exact moment, it is completely and totally normal again in this house. There is no cozy Christmas decor. I am already starting to miss it.............. nah!! Just kidding!!


gottablogmom said...

Im there with you in spirit if not in actuality. I WISH my stuff was all put away.

Lorrie said...

I've been working on mine since i got home from NC earlier this evening!!! lol!
The last 2 trees come down tomorrow, but everything else is GONE!!!!