Friday, December 21, 2007

{Rome Wasn't Built In A Day}

maybe Rome wasn't, but our little gingerbread house most certainly was. Mark and Action knocked out this Hansel and Gretel wicked witch's dream home in just a few hours with quite a bit of hard work and a pretty intense decision making process. You would have thought that that Action was building Rome because every "major" decision had to be accepted and include Mark's Okay. They really did have a great time, the boys sat at the bar building this peice of extraordinary edible artwork while Lex and I made some Raspberry Thumbprint cookies that are to die for (they are dnksmommy's recipe) and I just love them. They truly are scrumpdilicious !! She made them for my cookie exchange last year and I hid them from the kids because I decided that they were just too good for kids, they just don't appreciate cookies that good. This year I decided to make my own and not be so greedy, isn't that nice of me? I can be a good sharer, I watched Barney with my kids. Anyway, i hope that you enjoy the pictures and your weekend is full of relaxation and celebration. (p.s. that's our Coopie with a little bit of flour on his head, he is such a cutie pie, i love that bassadore!)

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Lorrie said...

YEAH!!!!! You liked my cookies. I made some the other day too, and might just have to make a second batch, yep, they are that stinkin good.
the gingerbread house looks great. DNK and I have made one that last 3-4 yrs, but didn't do it this year. i guess it's not too late, but I think we're just going to decorate the gingerbread men that I made from scratch yesterday instead....
I'm tired of messes. My OCD has been tested unbelievably this holiday season! lol.