Thursday, November 29, 2007

{Popsicle Stand}

This popscile stand, I am blowing it!! That's right folks I am out of here! No longer peachy, I am going to become a selling machine, a make & taker maniac in Yorktown. I fly out @ 7AM. I think that i have lost my mind because I haven't packed a thing, why? Because I have worked all day and I just started laundry. I am thinking that I could have a repeat blog of yesterday, titled ARGGGH! I have already accepted the fact that I will most likely not get diddly squat in sleep tonight. But its all good because I am very excited! I have been told that I am teaching a kit kat make & take which I find quite funny because I am hoping that "T" & "C" bought extra kit kat's for those that might get the munchies in between make & take classes (I wonder how many points a kit kat or 2 or 3 is?). Anyway, because I am not going to the hills of Tennessee, I am hoping to keep up with my blog and throw in a few pics so stop on by and keep checking out my blog!! p.s. i posted the link to the youtube video of the zorb ride in the regular posts. I didn't know any other way to do it. In a comment that dnksmommy asked, she said what kind of Mother would put her kids in a hamster ball full of water and roll them down a hill, Mark said "with a little squirt of palmolive, its the only way we can get them to take a bath!" LOL! Good night!

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Lorrie said...

I LOVE markie poo's comment! I almost choked on my iced tea!!
Can't wait to see you here my sweet GA peachie pal.
You going to go to the crop with us tomorrow night, RIGHT????
Have a safe flight!!!!!