Thursday, November 15, 2007

{2 Pooped 2 Care}

This will be a short blog....I am just too pooped to really give a monkey's behind. Its been a long day working at the store, you know, my "job". It wasn't very busy today, actually quite slow. But I had a lot of product to get organized, we welcomed Heidi Grace and some of her super cute glitter, embossed, and flocked Christmas goodies. They were gingerbread and peppermint sticks, I love gingerbread men. I also got to work on a page which I wanted to take a picture of and put it in the post, but its at the store on display so I will do that later. It is actually made with Pop Culture by KI Memories. Anyway, I am out of here, big day tomorrow. We are packing for our trip to Pigeon Forge with the in-laws, sis-in-law and the cutest little wild man. I can't wait to see everyone and enjoy a week together, but before all of that pack, clean, post office, bank, grocery store, and probably pack and clean some more. Good night.....P.S. keep my Dad in your prayers, he is having a hernia surgery tomorrow in the AM.

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Anonymous said...

Have fun in PF/Gatlinburg. Will keep your dad in our prayers. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week with your family